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Since the launch of the first Healthy City of Hong Kong in Tseung Kwan O, there have been more and more districts implementing "Healthy Cities" projects tailored to their own characteristics, though at various stages of development in recent years. With solid support from the government, it is envisioned the "Healthy Cities" movement would bloom across the 18 administrative districts in Hong Kong.  

To enhance the sharing of experiences among 18 districts and strengthen the international linkage of Hong Kong conducive to the flourishing of "Healthy Cities" in the Western Pacific and beyond, the China Hong Kong Chapter of the Alliance for Healthy Cities will be established in 2007. Thus, the Sai Kung District Council co-organized with other districts the Inauguration Ceremony of the China Hong Kong Chapter, Alliance for Healthy Cities, Western Pacific Region cum "Healthy Cities" Forum on 14 September 2007 at Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre to celebrate the 10th Anniversary of the Establishment of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region as well as the 10th Anniversary of the Launching of "Healthy Cities" in Hong Kong.  

This mass event does not only witness the milestone of the "Healthy Cities" movement in Hong Kong - the Inauguration Ceremony of the Hong Kong Chapter, but also draws together 400-500 local and overseas experts and academics, pioneers and practitioners of the Healthy Cities to jointly discuss the development and vision of the "Healthy Cities" movement in Hong Kong and the Western Pacific, as well as to share the strategies and experiences of implementing "Healthy Cities" projects. It is expected this event will facilitate pooling of wisdom and ideas, building a platform of participation for local people from all walks of life, so as to further the development of "Healthy Cities" such that Hong Kong people will enjoy a better home.