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Seven Guiding Principles

1. Inter-sectoral Collaboration - to facilitate collaboration across government departments and service organizations for better services tailored to community needs  

2. Community Participation - to encourage local people and organizations to voice out their opinions and actively participate in building up a healthy community  

3. Equity in Health - to advocate that every individual should have an equal opportunity to attain their full health potential regardless of age and gender etc  

4. Health Promotion - to enhance health education that "prevention is better than cure" and promote healthy living environment and lifestyles  

5. Primary Health Care - to strengthen the network of community clinics to reduce the need for hospital care  

6. Evidence-based Approach - to identify and meet real demands by validated measures, followed by proper evaluation procedures to ensure optimum use of limited resources  

7. International Cooperation - to share knowledge and experiences with other Healthy Cities around the world